Indoor Led Screen

Indoor LED Displays provides a seamless, high-resolution, high-contrast display solution for
interior areas with short viewing distances. Its compact and lightweight design guarantees easy,
quick installation.Our product have High refresh rate ensure the frame rate smooth
and stable, high fidelity videos and images

We have a complete range of solutions for the Indoor LED Screens. The products are specially manufactured keeping the continuous and long operation time.These products are designed especially for close distance viewing. These offer very clear dynamic and graphical depiction of the information.

LED Type: SMD chip

LED life span: 50000 Hrs to 100000 Hrs

Pixel Pitch: P-1.5 to P-6

Power ratings: 300W to 500W

These screens are suitable for Branding & advertising purpose and Dynamic information display indoor purpose.This product finds its demand in Conference rooms, Auditoriums and corporate offices. Also these screens are used as back drops at various events.