Video Walls

Seamless Video wall solution makes various formats of display possible. It can be extended easily, allowing you to generate effective attraction & Catch the eyeball of people. This Product enables immersive & seamless viewing experiences on the assembled video wall screens.

We have a complete range of solutions for LED video-walls. The products are specially manufactured keeping the continuous and long operation time.These products are designed especially for close distance viewing. These offer very clear dynamic and graphical depiction of the information.

LED Type: SMD chip

LED life span: 50000 Hrs to 100000 Hrs

Bezel size: 1.2 mm to 6 mm

Power ratings: 300W to 500W

Standard Tile size: 42” and 58”

These screens are suitable for Branding & advertising purpose and Dynamic information display indoor purpose. These tile type displays are used at various shopping complexes, Cafeterias and showrooms etc.